The centrifugal pump your facility uses on a daily basis utilizes an advanced and complex mechanical system, which is, unfortunately, susceptible to a variety of problems that can develop. Time-aged impellers and casings, damaged bearings and seals, and a variety of other equipment issues can cause your operations to cease altogether. The trained technicians at Albritton Machine can accurately identify centrifugal pump problems onsite and recommend a rapid solution to get your machinery up and running as quickly as possible.

Outside of determining where and why centrifugal pump failures occur, the service-minded technicians at Albritton Machine can provide reliable maintenance and recommend the best parts to enhance your equipment with longevity and durability. There’s no better partner when it comes to centrifugal pump repair than Albritton Machine.

If your centrifugal pump requires more in-depth attention, our qualified shop mechanics and machinists can start repairing, rebuilding, and replacing defective pump components. Each unit is carefully disassembled and analyzed for wear and defects. Case halves are sandblasted, cleaned and closely inspected. If necessary, each half is welded, faced and line bored. Case rings, impellers, wear rings, and shafts – the pump’s most critical components – are thoroughly examined for integrity and wear and, when necessary, replaced with the most suitable materials for each application.

If you have any questions regarding our centrifugal pump repair service or if you would like to discuss your exact needs with an experienced technician, we invite you to contact us at 432-367-8221 today.